Friday, January 11, 2008


Trying to sell your music is not easy. I have set up my site now, it's here. At the moment I am only selling the music in PDF files. I think this is easier and cheaper:

1) There is no paper, the purchaser only has to print the music his/herself. That's convenient.
2) It's cheaper, because there is no postage for sending bulky packages.

Of course, the purchaser can order the pieces in copied and bound form, if he/she wishes.
I hope to expand the site to include other composers as well, however, at the moment, it's enough just to sell my own music.


Blogger Steven said...

Look at the career moves of Cory Doctorow (in wikipedia, which see) with regard to public release of free versions of his work which seem to support, rather than detract from, sales. He is a writer and has put his stuff on the web for free from the beginning, trusting the community. It has worked for him. Idunno how similar your work, field, and market are to his, but hey, thought I'd chuck that one in there and see what it did to you. Since you are also a media object creator, perhaps the "exposure first, money second" tactic would ... um ... get you more money.

On the giveaway page you could put a link to your paypal account with a note to the effect of: "I am going to try giving my music away for free and sell only premium products (e.g.: hard-copy scores. cds in jewel cases, autographed thong underwear) but its making me really nervous. Please click here to give me money so I can go drinking." Shoot I'd slide you a fiver on that basis alone.

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