Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Radio is a good disseminator of music (well duh). When I worked for NPR (WFSU - FM, Tallahassee, Florida), I produced two radio shows there - FSU Concert, which presented music performed at the Florida State University, and Radio Diffusions, which presented recordings of new music by composers from all over. Although I presented composers who were already famous and on CD, the bulk of the programs were recordings of music by composers not yet known, or local composers. This way I tried to incorporate the community where the station was located. Tallahassee is not New York, but I had quite a few listeners to my show. Listeners like to hear music written by local musicians, and I tried to fill this role. This is a way to get more listeners to new music and perhaps to get a fuzzy awareness that a) there is new music out there, b) not all music is grinding dissonance.


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