Saturday, September 02, 2006


Here is the biographical note on the main webpage of Aaron Cassidy:

Aaron Cassidy is a young composer currently based in Chicago, Illinois. His music is gaining increasingly widespread exposure, with performances in the United States, Mexico, Austria, the Netherlands, Croatia, England, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany.

His music can be characterized by an uncompromising dedication to instability and fragmentation. The received wisdom of performance practice is continually questioned and reasserted, often with intentionally unpredictable results. His recent works have experimented largely with the interaction of a performer with his/her instrument, introducing a decoupling of component performance techniques. Fracture is prioritized in timbral, structural, and rhythmic strata in such a way that resulting aural units are themselves only the byproducts or collisions of independent (and often cyclic) musical processes. The musical score becomes, then, both the locus of processual sediment and concurrently the cause of significant deterritorialization on the part of performer and listener alike.

Recent projects have included significant research of linguistic, semantic, and spatial theories, focusing in particular on heightened states of dislocation (as in Jakobson's analysis of aphasics or Deleuze & Guattari's writings on smooth and haptic space).

It's like taking a clock apart and laying out all the parts on the table-top, then expecting us to tell the time by it, or even to know that it is a clock at all. The pieces have all the fragments of the music presented, all the gestures, the notes, the dynamics, all broken down, then presented to us on the table-top.


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