Thursday, May 25, 2006


Ha ha! I finally finished my "Aviary Corridor" for soprano and ensemble. It's amazing how the mind works. This piece is in ten short movements (the original poem is divided this way), and the movements coincide like arches throughout, even though this wasn't intentional, I was actually contrasting other things in the music. Parts 1 and 10 use the same chords, melodies and structures; this was intentional, of course, but then 2 and 9 align as well - using the piano to play slow repeating harmonic patterns; 4 and 8 are for voice and string quartet; 5 and 7 match in the use of the ensemble; what about 3 and 6, then? Well, they don't exactly match, but, as I said, it was mainly unconscious; My efforts on the piece had a different focus.


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