Monday, October 23, 2006

Steve Reich Part II

Daniel Variations was also performed in the Barbicon Centre in London; I found a review in the Gaurdian from Oct 10, he gives it a good review. He says in the review that the piece is seen as somewhat of a departure from his earlier works, but from what little I've heard of it (snippets on radio reports), it sounds like a continuation of his more recent works (Three Tales, etc). I also enjoyed what I heard of it, I was not too impressed with his Cello Counterpoint and the Triple Quartet. Is there a longer fragment around to listen to?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Daniel Variations

Just so you know - A new work by Steve Reich - the "Daniel Variations" will be premiered Sunday, October 22 in Carnegie Hall. It's a tribute to the Wall Street Journal's Daniel Pearl, who was murdered in Pakistan in 2002. The make-up of the ensemble is:

Steve Reich and Musicians
Synergy Vocals
Maya Beiser, Cello
David Cossin, Percussion/Video
Brad Lubman, Conductor

I heard a report about it on Weekend Edition on NPR, and rushed home to type this.
More about the piece? Click here

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Amazing Race

American drivers have an interesting way of driving on roads. I go to work down a highway, and the most amazing things that I notice are:

1) Tailing at high speeds. What, I can't appreciate this? "Why, you're on my tail, but I can understand that - I'm only going 10 miles over the speed limit, after all."

2) Entering the highway on the acceleration lane. The drivers come out in two ways - they enter with a complete indifference and, I assume, expect people to move out of they way as they come in. They will fly onto the highway and zoom along the lane, apparently waiting for people to move out of their way so they can slide in. I often give people a hole to slide into, but no, they want to get as far as they can without having to slow down or change their behavior in any way.

3) Entering the highway and stopping in the acceleration lane. What can I say beside the fact that this is illegal - ain't safe for the people behind them, and especially dangerous for groups 1) and 2) above.